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Horse Shelter Diaries

Horse Shelter Diaries, a new documentary by Donna Wells, focuses awareness on the young viable horses that are available for adoption at The Horse Shelter in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Nine professional trainers took eight Shelter horses that had never been saddled and ridden, trained them for 100 days then competed in an event called Gimme Shelter: Trainers' Rally for Rescues on the National Day of the Cowboy. Over 1200 people witnessed what a difference a little training can make in the lives of these horse.The horses were then auctioned to qualified bidders and went to their new homes.
The individual personalities of the rescue horses and the role of the trainers in their lives is the focus of the new documentary. Most horses end up at the Shelter because they have never been taught boundaries or skills. Wells said she was touched to see that all the trainers were genuinely invested in the welfare of the horses. “These horses are priceless,” trainer Erica Hess told the filmmaker, “and I feel like we’re just mining the gold that is in each of them.”